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For more than 20 years, we help organisations adapt to a constantly changing credit risk and distressed asset landscape driven by economic, regulatory, and behavioural considerations at both global and local levels. Our technology comprises enterprise-class, highly scalable, end-to-end systems that drive our 70+ clients around the world to new levels of efficiency. We’re investing in explainable AI and Machine Learning to make sense of our client’s data by bringing predictive insights to their operations.

Learn how you can improve liquidation, reduce credit risk and mitigate losses through technology and innovation at

At SAS, we’re focused on simplifying banking. That means making each and every interaction that customers have with their banks easier – improving the customer experience while helping banks increase efficiency and reduce costs.

We’re helping lenders get a real-time view of each customer across every touchpoint, so they can make smarter, faster credit decisions and drive prudent and profitable business.

We anticipate and react to economic factors through effective risk measurement. Optimising impairment, capital and liquidity reserves, protecting banks from Prudential Risk.

We leverage advanced risk modelling techniques to drive intelligence, efficiency and automation into the development and deployment of Risk Management processes.

We help banks modernise, integrate and optimise their Risk and Finance processes, ensuring the bank’s long-term success.

We do this by increasing agility and streamlining operational efficiency. It’s about joining up front and back office processes to deliver simple, connected banking for every customer.



At Data On Demand, we do data differently. We provide a flexible suite of data services to help businesses Identify, Verify, and Contact customers and ultimately achieve more successful outcomes.

If you operate in the Collections and Recoveries, Consumer Finance, Utilities & Telecoms, Verification & Fraud Prevention, Insurance, or Public Sectors, we can help.

‘Fintrace’ is our flagship solution for Collections and Recoveries, supporting clients across multiple sectors to improve their customer contact strategy including key metrics such as RPC and Payment Outcomes.

Our services give you real-time access to unique and compliant data sources that consistently achieve better outcomes than incumbent providers including CRAs and Data Bureaus.

Our team of experts have worked for the UK's leading Credit Reference Agencies and we have put that experience to good use delivering consistent results for our clients.

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Flexys is a specialist debt collection software supplier with a highly experienced in-house team covering design, research and development, delivery and support.

We deliver smart and modern collections systems, built on decades of commercial, developmental and operational industry experience, that will break the cycle of dependency and expense that many legacy systems demand. Our mission is to dramatically improve on the status quo, both in terms of the speed, performance and cost-effectiveness of our products and providing a responsive, can-do service ethic for our clients.

Our Media Parner

Credit Today, launched in 1998, is the magazine for the commercial and consumer credit industry. It is changing. In the latest phase of its expansion, it will grow from its original UK base to embrace an international community seeking to explore the best ways of supplying businesses and people with credit.
Its core readerships are credit grantors and recipients across the globe, seeking to explore the possibilities of credit and promote best practice. As credit facilitates commerce at both corporate and individual level, Credit Today will report, investigate and comment on all the latest news and developments. And more...
Credit Today offers traditional publishing, media and events services, including online newsletters and information, supplements, conferences, awards and ongoing data-driven and analytical credit consultancy services. It aims to be a key global influencer in lobbying and policy decisions.