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On 20th May, 23 Leading Credit Risk & Collections Professionals Share Key Lessons Learned For A New Era Of Consumer Credit Risk, Collections & Vulnerability. Book A Virtual Pass Today For Just £239* - SAVE £360!

Combat Covid’s Ongoing Impact, Economic Uncertainty & New Digital & AI Advances - React, Adapt & Put Your Strategies To The Test: Credit Risk, Collections & Vulnerability
22 In-House Financial Services Share Learnings To Drive Critical Changes To Credit Decisioning Today: Covid’s Impact, Digital, Tech & AI, Data Insight & Analytics, Authentic Forbearance, Vulnerability & Debt Collection Strategies, New Regulations & Credit Risk Models Which Protect Customers & Improve Outcomes For A Strategic Advantage. A One-Day, Practitioner-Led VIRTUAL Conference & Networking Event, 20th May 2021. Group Discounts Available! Please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 for more details.

08.50 Registration, Coffee & Informal Networking

09.00 GIC Welcome & Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Eleimon Gonis, Senior Risk Manager - Stress Testing & Modelling Methodology Oversight, Nationwide Building Society


09.20 Business-Critical, Practical Insights On How To Future-Proof Credit Risk Strategies As We Face An Uncertain Economic Landscape

  • Discover lessons learned so far as we move forward into an uncertain economy
  • What does post-Covid credit risk look like? What will be the consequences of the economic impact, and how will we recover?
  • Identify the future opportunities to take hold of during renewed growth and expansion as the economy recovers

Ross Molden, Credit Risk & Recoveries Director, Fly Now Pay Later


09.40 Discover The Impact Of Covid On Credit Risk & Collections & How To Best Respond With Appropriate Models & Products

  • How has the global pandemic impacted consumer credit risk?
  • Analyse how Covid-19 influenced and adapted consumer behaviours and assess the knock-on effect on credit risk
  • Does Covid present potential opportunities? Explore opportunities to cross-sell to customers who’ve grown throughout the pandemic

Geoff Clarke, Senior Technical Specialist, Retail, Credit Risk, Supervisory Risk Specialists, PRA, Bank of England

Peter Rees, Head of Credit Risk, Lloyds Banking Group

Arvind Varadhan, Vice President & Global Head, Credit & Fraud Data Strategy, American Express

Will Rogers, Head of Financial Difficulty, Monzo Bank

Rachel Morgan, Head of Marketing, Evergreen Finance

David Curtis, Chief Credit Officer, Permanent TSB


10.10 Maximise Big Data In Consumer Risk Identification & Quantification To Revolutionise Your Credit Risk Strategies & Product Development

  • Delve into practical approaches of how to capture and aggregate data to create capacity and arrive at appropriate credit decisioning
  • What could the future of big data and data sharing look like?
  • Utilise and integrate data to build next-generation models and
    effectively cross-sell appropriate products that consumers really want
  • Data ethics and data sharing: harness key indicators and techniques to mitigate against potential data breaches

Steven Coppard, Deputy Director Government Debt Management Function, Cabinet Office

10.30 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


11.00 Exploit Cutting-Edge Digital & Tech In Your Credit Risk & Collection Strategies To Drive Results & Improve Efficiencies

  • Capitalise on the latest digital and tech to deliver a seamless customer journey across multiple channels
  • What digital strategies have made a proven impact?
  • Explore ways to maximise tech advancements that reach more customers with support uniquely tailored to them
  • How will digitalisation continue to disrupt credit risk management in the future?

Lawrence Bywater, Credit Risk Director, Molo


11.20 Transform Credit Risk With AI & ML Advancements For A Strategic Advantage

  • What does it take to implement ethical and unbiased AI and ML into
    your processes?
  • Use AI and ML to model quickly and efficiently and adapt to government guidelines
  • Deliver seamless customer journeys and reduce inefficiencies with the introduction of key automation and machine learning models
  • As credit risk evolves, what are the opportunities AI and ML offer credit risk teams, and which are going to deliver real results?

Speaker To Be Confirmed. Please Check The Website For Details.

Risk Modelling As A Service – The Birth Of A Concept

11.40. Risk Management teams have faced increased strain from a model development and execution perspective since the last financial crisis. Cracks that began to emerge with the advent of IFRS 9 and its related implications for capital modelling have been brought into sharp focus in the wake of recent events. The time has come for strategic change.

In this first-hand account, we will explore the birth of a concept – Risk Modelling as a Service.  We will track how the underlying drivers of the concept made themselves felt, what were the resulting implications and provoke a question as to what this means to Firms today as they re-imagine their own Risk Management Transformation

Miles Elliott, Risk Management Customer Advisory Lead, SAS

David Ferguson, Senior Customer Advisor - Risk Management Solutions, SAS


12.10 Successfully Identify & Protect Vulnerable Customers By Building Authentic Support Strategies To Mitigate The Risk Of Customers Falling Into Debt & Improve Customer Outcomes

  • Be proactive, not reactive! Leverage data to correctly identify vulnerable customers or those who may become vulnerable in the future in order to work out how best to help them
  • How can you empower customers to manage their finances and improve their outcomes rather than exacerbate the problem?
  • As Covid-19 brings new forms of vulnerability to the fore, how should you communicate with customers who may be new to these vulnerable circumstances?

Dave Pickering, Head of Regulatory Conduct & Risk Assurance, Virgin Money UK PLC

12.30 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners


13.10 Peer-To-Peer Informal Breakout Discussions

A) Open Banking

B) Exclusion & Insolvency

C) Customer Communications
Gary McCready, Commercial Development Director, Dixons Carphone

D) Fraud

13.30 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

Eleimon Gonis, Senior Risk Manager - Stress Testing & Modelling Methodology Oversight, Nationwide Building Society


13.40 As The FCA Confirms New Forbearance Guidance, Balance Your Operational Capacity Against Considering Things On A Case By Case Basis To Do Right By Every Customer In A Time Of Economic Hardship

  • How can we ensure teams are effectively equipped to deal with the volume of customers needing forbearance moving forward post-Covid?
  • With a recession looming, what forbearance measures are necessary for each individual customer in a post-Covid world?
  • Employ assessment criteria that accurately identifies when customers should be able to start repaying
  • Best practise in the new normal: evolve your payment plans to fit the post-Covid environment

Paul Hammick, Director, Unsecured Customer Financial Assistance, Lloyds Banking Group


14.00 Drive An Authentic, Seamless & Efficient Collections & Recovery Operation During Economic Uncertainty Where A Blanket Approach Isn’t Appropriate

  • Evaluate your existing processes to discover what can be improved and implemented in the future
  • As payment holidays draw to a close and arrears levels are forecast to increase, minimise credit risk through new and innovative collection tools and techniques
  • Explore the benefits of digital enhancements in collection strategies by evaluating pain points and highlighting the benefits for consumers
  • Balance profit with customer care: how to conduct widespread operations whilst taking individual customer circumstances and needs into account

Perspective One
Jon Timmis, Head of Credit Risk, CarFinance 247

14.20 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner.  For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email


14.50 Review & Reflect On Regulatory Updates & Evaluate The Success Of Credit Risk Regulations In Protecting Consumers During & Post Covid-19

  • What is the regulatory reaction to the pandemic in light of increased credit risks?
  • From capital requirements to vulnerable customers and data… ensure you are on top of the latest credit risk regulatory guidance
  • Understanding the impact! Review and reflect on recent regulations in order to prepare for future updates

Eleimon Gonis, Senior Risk Manager - Stress Testing & Modelling Methodology Oversight, Nationwide Building Society

George Badejo-Adegbenga, Chief Legal Counsel & Chief Risk Officer, Loans 2 Go Limited

15.20 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


Findings From Thematic Work On Firm’s Collections Functions: Key Strengths & Weaknesses

Monica Shant, Retail Credit Risk Specialist, Bank of England


15.50 Drive An Authentic, Seamless & Efficient Collections & Recovery Operation During Economic Uncertainty Where A Blanket Approach Isn’t Appropriate

Perspective Two
Matthew Egan, Director of Customer Operations, Centrica


16.10 Equip Yourself With Strategic & Effective Credit Risk Models That Reflect The Times Of Economic Uncertainty

  • Credit scenario models during Covid-19: understand the impact on consumer credit risk models
  • Improve forecasting capabilities in the midst of Brexit uncertainty and deliver future-ready credit risk models by deciphering which key variables to take into account in an ever-changing modelling market
  • From the crisis of 2008 to the crisis of 2020… when credit risk models often use history to predict future plans, how can we manage this when the relationship is no longer deemed relevant?

Dr Stephan Wiehler, Head of Core Credit Models – AIRB, Scenario Loss & IFRS9/USGAAP Models, Credit Suisse


16.30 How Applying Predictive Modeling Drove Fast A 7% Improvement In Cash Collected

  • How should we adjust treatment approaches and efforts expended based on the customer's risk profile?
  • How do we objectively determine the customer's risk profile?
  • How do we monitor the adoption, accuracy, and effectiveness of the suggested approach?
  • How do we draw reliable conclusions amid all the noise of an evolving portfolio?

Terry Franklin, Global Business Development Director, QUALCO


16.45 Best Prepare For The Unexpected With Robust & Future-Ready Credit Risk & Collection Strategies

  • What does the future of credit risk management look like in this ‘new normal’?
  • Open banking: how could cross-sector data sharing change the future of credit risk decisioning, and what barriers are in the way?
  • Unlock key, strategic insights into future regulations and risk forecasting to ensure you are keeping up with industry and regulatory change

Michael Hoare, Chief Credit Officer, RateSetter

Mark Harrison-North, Director of Credit Risk, The Very Group

Lawrence Bywater, Credit Risk Director, Molo

Ross Molden, Credit Risk & Recoveries Director, Fly Now Pay Later

17.15 Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference

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